Thursday, January 3, 2013

Money Talks Host Nadine

The one on the left
Nadine Yelovich is her name and she is the money talks hostess who refuses to get naked or do anything increasingly sexual. She is the tease and she has acknowledged it, but all she does for Money Talks is talk dirty. 
Talking dirty is nice and all, Nadine, but the problem is that we need something more. But then we are never satisfied. You at least did us the favor of strutting around in a bikini! Additionally, how can one forget the rather revealing clothes - if you can call it that - that you strut around in from time to time. 
 Nadine Money Talks
Nadine Money Talks
You want her in a bikini, eh? Well, there are enough out there so go ahead and google it. What I want is what the majority of the Reality Kings members desire: to see her naked or having sex. 

PS, a special thanks to the 205 visitors that have made this blog a success! This post on Nadine of Money will sure drive the visitors through the roof.

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