Thursday, October 19, 2017

Anita Kapoor Bikini Update

I was lamenting that there was no bikini picture of Anita Kapoor. She has appeared in a bikini a few times since. I am looking to buy the Exotic Escapades Lombok edition for my perusal. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New Crush: Elizabeth Vargas

Okay, so we probably aren't going to get her in a bikini since she is an ABC News anchor, but she has dropped a whole lot of cleavage.
Not to mention, the almost see through outfits that make you stare seductively at that hot body. 

Courtesy: Elizabeth Vargas Twitter
 Elizabeth Vargas bikini Picture (almost); Look below for some Elizabeth Vargas Hotness
 This world news tonight chicks are half naked anyway. Why don't they show us the whole thing?

More Elizabeth Vargas Pics

I hope I've given you enough reason to check out ABC World News Tonight.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Danielle DiLorenze It's Your Birthday, Now Give us a Lap Dance

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: I want to Marry You

 Elisabeth Hasselbeck definitely has ample assets!
 Elisabeth Hasselbeck bikini
 Elisabeth Hasselbeck midriff: What a navel!!
Elisabeth Hasselbeck legs 
 Elisabeth Hasselbeck Cleavage
Elisabeth Hasselbeck in her underwear!
I couldn't stop staring at this chick on Survivor and now she has to do all this. Phew!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Audrina Patridge: Bikini Goddess

Alright guys, I am sorry that I haven't yet put up picture of Audrina Patridge in a bikini. I should have started off this "Bikini Spy" blog with Audrina Patridge bikini pictures. Better late than never.  

Bikini Spy has Audrina Patridge here for you!
Courtesy: Audrina Patridge Twitter

 I promise to put up more stunning pics of Audrina Patridge in a bikini. After all, she is the "Queen of the Hills" and no, not Lauren Conrad. So long for now! Enjoy these pictures. 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Help me out with this chick

I've been bringing you some of the best women out there. But right now, I need your help. Help me in identifying this chick.

She basically appeared in a promo before a match between The Rock and Badd Ass Billy Gunn at SummerSlam 1999 called a "Kiss My Ass" Match. 

This segment had a lot to do with ass too (like how I went to see her ass in a bikini). Anyway here is the video. Let me know if you can help me out. Here is the video:

Gunn would prepare for the big SummerSlam match by getting a "herbal ass treatment,” as he called it, which was obviously caught on camera. The problem was that the special oil used by his masseuse gave him an allergic reaction, resulting in a rash.

The Rock would solve this mystery, marching out the hot masseuse (please get me her number) and explaining that she had rubbed him with The People’s poison ivy. 

Tania Zaetta Bikini Action

I know what you want to see. Tania Zaetta on the beach with those slippers on!

Well, now you've got that!!

But still it doesn't compare to some of the pics we had on here earlier. Nonetheless, we'll take it